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TRUE CHANGE FITNESS – Influence is Power

We are changing the habits of the world through fitness and nutrition, making everyone’s desired outcome possible and accessible to everyone.

We believe here at True Change Fitness the vision for yourself and your goals are only as strong as the vision we see for ourselves. The goals we achieve as a company is massive to the energy you put into your own goals. Everybody wants to be apart of something bigger than themselves. While the Belief in our company is directly correlated with the story of not just our own clients, but how True Change got to this point. We all have many differences but where we can all be inspired is how we all got to where we are now. How past/History is Vital to know where we are are going, its where the drive and inspiration come from.

  • We have an accountability system to help our challengers stay on track toward creating healthy habits
  • We provide the EASIEST meal plan ever put together. Seriously: NoO IMPOSSIBLE DIETS here…
  • Simple, yet effective workout sessions in a small group with plenty of one-on-one attention…
  • Personalized meal planning to eliminate the guesswork.
  • Personal grocery list to save time and money and make it crazy easy
  • Personal food prep instructions so easy, a 12-year-old can do it in under 2 hours a week.
  • Done-for-you recipes to follow so you never have to ask yourself “ what I am going to make tonight?”
  • Personal accountability coach, so you always have a personal motivational speaker to get behind to the gym and stick to your nutrition.
  • 3 cutting-edge workouts per week, with me at my gym, designed to tone your body and jump-start your metabolism and give you an explosion of energy.
  • World-class online support system with video library home workouts recovery and mobility protocols and 24-hour accountability.

This is 100% True. The Newtons Law States for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So if I treated my body so poorly and encouraged others to do just that, why would I treat my body like an empire and inspire others to be just that?

I may not be a scientist but I do know what gets people motivated to lose weight. Just because I’m not a scientist doesn’t change the fact that I grew up with a stutter, I wasn’t supposed to graduate high school, I hated reading in front of classrooms or presenting, I was always caught up in what everybody else was thinking. So much so I never wanted to go on dates or job interviews and was a full-time drug addict by the time I was 17.

I always had the need to do what everybody else was doing, just to try and fit in and be like everybody else was doing. Even though growing up as a kid I had the biggest and boldest dreams. But when I was old enough to learn what “fear” was. I started living up to the expectations of who everyone THOUGHT I should be. Average, careful, eat, dress, walk, and talk like them. I could list 100s of examples.

I started losing weight about 12 months after I first got sober in 2014. I didnt realize it at the time but after I lost 30 pounds and dropped my body fat to 6.2 percent, I realized I applied the SAME energy to my health and weight loss goals that I did to completely destroy and ruin my life. These results were just the beginning to a life full of purpose and meaning, so it means everything to me to pass it on to you for generations to come. So what we provide here to our members was created in a way that is unique and customized to you in a way that you will actually do it and enjoy doing it. Just like for me to get sober and stay sober, I had to actually WANT to stay sober and life had to be simplified for me. It may be a different circumstance but the principles remain the same. So here is a list of SOME things but not all to GET and STAY fit while enjoying your life and fitness again.


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